MKU courses: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Development Studies & Bachelor of Business Information Technology

The Department Of Security Studies, Justice & Ethics in Mount Kenya University provides a four-year, gigantic, on-campus Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies and Criminology. It is one of those MKU courses supplied from the Department of Social Sciences. The program is meant to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of complex security problems and their implementations in the actual world. The Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies and Criminology curriculum is intended to subject students to a range of education, research, information, capabilities, perceptions, and observations in real life circumstances. It lets pupils plan for the difficulties that include learning Safety Research and Criminology.

Work in this sector may be right for you whether you are inherently curious, imaginative, and positive, in addition to appreciate having fun. This amount would prepare you to objectively examine how media portrays, depicts, and impacts our culture, preparing you for jobs in similar sectors. This class will prepare you to do separate analysis and enjoy the fundamentals of understanding collection, processing, and distribution techniques. It is possible to discover how to generate, plan, and create marketing and technology content. You can even improve and improve your research, publishing, and verbal abilities and set a solid base in multimedia planning and development.

The Division of Social and Development Studies at Mount Kenya University offer a four-year, packaged, on-campus Bachelor of Arts in Community Development, It is one of those MKU courses given from the Institute of Social Science, The curriculum is intended to provide students with specialized, professional-level experience in Community Growth, The Bachelor of Arts in Community Development curriculum is designed to introduce students to various instruction, study, experience, talents, behaviours, and perspectives in real-world contexts, It helps students plan for issues in Development Studies, The program reflects on community development’s fiscal, societal, and governmental systems.

This class would train students to confront problems in the world of public policy-making. The program is going to take a multidisciplinary method to analyze core subjects such as ethics, management, and plan. Corporate Managers, Administrative Officers, Consultants, and Management Advisors are among the occupations offered to Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance graduates. Taking this class’s predicted outcomes are powerful moral integrity, successful communication relations standards, and effective qualified communicating. This class will help you progress on your career by improving your leadership skills, computing skills, and ability to assess the nation’s present political, social, and economic conditions, among other aspects.

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